Amsterdam City Livewallpaper

HI guys!
Would like to introduce you our new LWP project – Amsterdam Live Wallpaper! We visited this beautiful and cheerful city last year. Really enjoyed this trip! Amsterdam has become the inexhaustible source of inspiration for us. Its beautiful buildings, its water, its long history and the current life style…This city is worth to be taken in the heart… And now it is already with us.
Enjoy the new Amsterdam Live Wallpaper, take this small Amsterdam piece into your pocket with your gadget… and visit the city obviously!

Amsterdam City Livewallpaper qrcode Amsterdam City Livewallpaper

5 Responses to “Amsterdam”

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  2. Septarina Ginting says:


  3. 白宇哲 says:

    I need the pro

  4. Susannah K. says:


    I bought your app today, and I like it, but the Windows don’t “blot out and break”, nothing happens when I touch them… :-(

    I’ll also like to know when is the next update coming….?
    It would be nice with a few more settings for paid version, like seasons of the year and weather according to real temperature…


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